Millstone Quilts

​Hello Everyone!!
It’s that time again! The Quilt show is right around the corner and we need your QUILTS!! 
We would LOVE to have everyone’s quilts! 
Please participate and HAND OVER THE QUILTS!!
There are two rules for entering your quilt(s) in the show..
1) we need the quilts by April 29 or before and you can pick up your quilts on May 10 or after…
2) you need to have your name on your quilts… either labeled or pinned with a safety pin and tag. 
The Annual Quilt Show will be May 6 from 10-5 and we will have the quilts on display, Chris will have his famous bbq lunch complimentary for those who come to the show and…
We will have a sale 25 % off inside storewide. 
Chris will also have bbq by the pound for sale.. $10@ pound. 
Rain or shine.. we will be having this on May 6, 2023. (The quilts will be under the pavilion so they will be protected from the weather!)

For the health and safety of Everyone, please wear your mask inside the shop until you are fully vaccinated!
Even then masks are recommended…..
AND PLEASE- if you are coughing, sneezing, and/or feeling sick for any reason, STAY HOME!
Thank you for your cooperation!
Please call the store during inclement weather- due to inclement weather problems with electricity, road conditions, etc. sometimes the store needs to be closed for our safety as well as our customers.
Please refer to our Facebook page under MILLSTONE QUILTS for updates when inclement weather conditions arise.



Boxes and Bows by Paulette Lewis kits available
A little bit shorter tall tree by Della Nobles

FYI- if you are looking at this on your mobile, some pics might be sideways!😳