Millstone Quilts

 Ahoy Mates!
I'm sure you all have heard about "Florence" the hurricane heading towards the east coast!!
Well I am a bit nervous because I am having flashbacks of the storm "Gaston" in 2004... UGH!!!
I pray that we weather this one better!! However, if for some reason we have high water, loose electricity, probably both- I will try to let you know through our FACEBOOK page Millstone quilts... I cannot get on the computer when I loose power... Our Fall Harvest is still set for September 22, 2018, as long as we weather the storm ok!!
OUR  BIG EVENT- The ANNUAL QUILT HARVEST/ SALE/  Linda will be our keynote speaker, we will have Jon's famous chili and  new samples, kits, door prizes and give aways! 
 We will be doing our ROW by ROW this summer!! Starting June 21st.... It is a music theme this year and Our row is very cool... made by Linda Stagg! Come in and get your kit starting June 21st!!!

                                                                                                            Our next big event will be our Quilt Harvest 
                                                                                                           September 22nd- Linda will be the Key note 
                                                                                                         speaker, we will have Jon's famous Chili, and
                                                                                                        new samples with kits and a sale, what more 
​                                                                                                        could you ask for?!!!!!                                       

​    Below- Pigs Fly- Della Nobles                                                                                                                                Snowballs-Linda Stagg

Della made this one Strolling along! >>>>>>>>>>
FYI- if you are looking at this on your mobile, some pics might be sideways!😳