Millstone Quilts

Hello All!
Today is March 23, 2020
Due to the Corona Virus and the Health and Safety of everyone, Millstone will close until April 12, 2020... at this time we will reevaluate and update you on our reopening or our continuous closed status..
During this time, you can email me at or you can pm me on Facebook and I will also be checking the answering machine at the shop every couple of days...I will be glad to send you whatever I have in stock....
I'm sorry for any inconvenience, however, we would rather be safe and healthy than sorry later....
Thank you for your understanding!

Please call the store during inclement weather- due to inclement weather problems with electricity, road conditions, etc. sometimes the store needs to be closed for our safety as well as our customers.
Please refer to our Facebook page under MILLSTONE QUILTS for updates when inclement weather conditions arise.



​Right- Which Direction- Carolyn Swingle

Butterflies by Kathy Peterson, Lake Cabin by Brenda Carter kits available 
​Next Sale-Annual Quilt Show May 2 2020

"Remember Me"- by Sue Cunningham kits available 

FYI- if you are looking at this on your mobile, some pics might be sideways!😳