Millstone Quilts

CALLING ALL QUILTS!!!!! OUR QUILT SHOW IS MAY 4 AND WE NEED YOUR QUILTS TO DISPLAY IN THE SHOW!!  Please bring in your quilts this month for us to have in our quilt show and then come on May 4th and Join in the festivities!! 
We will have the Quilt Show, a Complimentary Picnic of BBQ, beans and slaw, and inside we will have a storewide sale of 25 % off!!!
We will need quilts by May 1st or before and you can pick up your quilts on or after May 8th. Also we just need you to have your name on them, wether it be a label or pinned to the quilt! Thank you!!
We have a lot of New Lines of Fabric... Beautiful, Gorgeous, Wonderful Fabric!!!
Cool Names too! There is Harriet Handwork by Moda... Porcelain-Three Sisters by Moda... Floral Garden Gatherings also by Moda... Mrs. Miller's Apprentice by Marcus Brothers... oh and Hickory Road Jo Morton by Moda... we also have some "not so new" but very pretty lines still available- Holly woods Three Sisters by Moda and Evelyn's Homestead by Moda...(pictures of lines are throughout the website)



Below- Pigs Fly- Della Nobles                                                                                                                                Snowballs-Linda Stagg

Della made this one Strolling along! >>>>>>>>>>
Complimentary Picnic Lunch
25% off storewide sale inside shop!!
​Please come and enjoy the day with us!

​New Line is Hickory Road...

FYI- if you are looking at this on your mobile, some pics might be sideways!😳