Millstone Quilts

We are getting ready for our annual Quilt Show! The girls are working hard making samples, winter, I think is finally gone! It didn't leave us much time to plan....
Here is where your job as a customer comes in- I want YOU to put at least one quilt in the Quilt Show in May 
​this year, so get busy!!! The show is May 3rd and 4th. One other thing, the quilts can be any quilt you choose, A quilt you just finished, a quilt you finished years ago, a quilt you made with fabric from another shop, another shop in another state! It can be a quilt from you no matter what!!! Make this our best show yet!!!!!

Chris will be cooking his usual BBQ, beans and slaw for ya!!! It is, as always, a complimentary lunch for ya at the show, but if you have a craving to take some home with you, here is the info you will need:
​Please try to call ahead 804-779-3535 and pre-order your take home if possible....
​Pork Butt minced- $35.00
​Pork Butt one pound container- $6.00
​Chicken- 1/2 $6.00 whole- $12.00
Brisket- $50.00

May 23 through May 27 for Memorial Day
July 3 through July 7 for Independence Day
August 29 through September 2 for Labor day

Pheasant Feathers pictured below- sample made by Della Nobles quilted by Patti Snyder
We have Kits for sale at the shop or you can call and we will mail it to you!